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Trailer Loading 101

Sent to me from a long time customer

Hi Diane, 

Sending you some updated photos of your product; I sent you photos previously (about 15 years ago)  of my small trailer setup.  I see on your website, those photos are still on there...thank you!  I have since acquired a larger trailer and now  have approx. 35 of your 4 and 6 slot goose bags.  I still have the small trailer set up, and used the same shelving concept in the bigger trailer; it is a 20 ft. trailer that can hold 210 full body goose decoys, with you bags...and still have room to expand!   When that time comes, I will be ordering more bags from you. 

Thanks for your hard work, and for making such a great product that has lasted SO LONG, they are still like brand new 15 years later. 


Note from Diane, 

The bags that are darker green was the first color I started using about 17 years ago. 

I since have had the marsh brown color custom dyed for me.