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Custom Decoy Bags by Diane The Original in Design Since 1989


Offering a full line of duck and goose custom decoy bags.

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About Us

Hard to believe I have been sewing bags for 30 years, not sure that I will last another 30 but hopefully I have 20 left in me. 

I making them old school, 1 bag at a time by me. 

They are not mass produced or outsourced.

Decoy Bags

My site is short and simple, Decoy Bags for duck and goose hunters. 

There are no pop up adds or side bar links just bags and pictures. 

I try to offer lots of pictures of my bags so you can see how different kinds of decoys fit in the bags. 

If your not sure of which bag will work with your decoys just send me a message. 

About Us

Barnegat Bay Style Sneakbox with one of our Spray Shields

Barnegat Bay Sneakbox with Spray Shield

These spray shield shave been shipped all over the world including Australia.

For the serious Bigfoot decoy hunter


6 Pouch Goose Custom Decoy Bags with the foot bases attached.

Yup just killing some geese


For years I hunted and have developed many of my custom decoy bags that way.


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Custom Decoy Bags by Diane

Tuckerton, NJ 08087, US