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Goose Hunting in 1951

Remembering  my Dad in heaven,  the 2 men with him are also there keeping him company.  All 3 were Barnegat Bay Legends. 

From the newspaper several years ago,

 " After goose hunting in Barnegat Bay in 1951, from left, 

George Svelling, of Barnegat Light, a partner in many fishing boats and a true Norwegian Legend in Barnegat Light; 

Bill Hammerstrom, of Waretown, who owns the Carolyn Ann III party boat in Barnegat Light; 

and the late John Larson of Barnegat Light, a partner in various fishing boats and Legendary party boat The Miss Barnegat Light." 


This is where it happens

Most people know I make all my bags and everything I offer on my site. 

This is my sewing room where you can find me on some days 14 to 16 hours. 

Yes there is a ball and chain that you can't see LOL. 


The work room

Yup keeping it simple, no giant cutting machines, 

just me and the floor with lots of watchers. 

Custom Decoy Bags made the old fashioned way.